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Your brand. Simplified.

We are Candid Consulting. A full service marketing and PR firm serving south-western Ontario. Our focus is providing simplified, affordable marketing services so you can focus on growing your business.


Startup Focused. Result Driven.

Our personable and relationship-based approach is what a startup needs to thrive in today's competitive market. Our proven approach is to provide you with a customized, detailed, and thorough overall PR & Branding strategy that will help you reach your target goals. By highlighting newsworthy points, using our wide network of media partners, and curating the right writers, we can shine a light on your strengths and help you find a unique and happy online and offline presence. We help you navigate the complex world of advertising to pinpoint the most effective avenues for your business and your brand.

We understand a start-up's budget limitations and are willing to work within them. With special affordable rates for startups and entrepreneurs, we help you shift your focus to your craft and grow organically.

Want to learn more and see what we can do for your startup? Drop us a line at



Candid Consulting offers a variety of services tailored to suit the needs of your business. If you don't know the exact service you require, contact us and our team of experts will be in touch with you to identify your needs.

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Branding is king.
The single most important aspect of any business is its brand identity. Whether you're in need of a fresh, new brand, or are looking to bolster the strength of your current brand we focus on what makes your business unique. Through this expert-analysis and understanding, we will customize a plan to build your brand identity and align it with your brand image



A targeted approach.
Our strategies are based on our good relationships and personable approach, we focus on your business identity and image. We highlight what will work with your model and target audience and personalize a result-driven plan that is guaranteed to help you reach your goals. Our areas of expertise include content strategy, social media engagement strategy, online promotions, partnerships, mobile marketing and publicity.



Giving you the proper tools.
Whenever you're in need of tangible, deliverable marketing materials, our creative team will take care of your production needs. From brochures and flyers to websites and shareable content such as videos, social media advertising and graphics; you can rest easy knowing we will provide you with content that both preserves and enhances your branding image.




Manar El Mugammar

Managing Partner


Schanuj Siva

Junior Consultant


Colin Alexander

Creative Director


469 Courtland Ave E
Kitchener, ON
N2G 2W6


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